[Semiar] TS. Vương Văn Yên trình bày (23.12.2022)

Vào chiều Thứ Sáu ngày 23 tháng 12 năm 2022, đã diễn ra buổi sinh hoạt khoa học định kỳ.

Người trình bày: TS. Vương Văn Yên, tham gia bộ môn Toán Tài chính

Chủ đề: Central limit theorem for a stochastic spatial epidemic model with mean field interaction

Abstract: In this work, we study a stochastic spatial epidemic model where the N individuals are characterized by their position and infection state. We begin with a microscopic description in which the displacement of individuals is driven by mean-field interactions, a state-dependent diffusion, and a common environmental noise. The evolution of epidemiological states is described by Poisson point processes with an infection rate depending on the distribution of other nearby individuals, also of the mean-field type. Then, we study the behavior of this system at the macroscopic level when the population size is large.

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