ISFA – Cấu trúc thi tuyển



Revisions – preparation to the examination:

MATHEMATICS  (written exam)

TEST 1 (duration: 2 hours)

15 exercises (of 4 questions each) on basic knowledge of mathematics, acquired during the first two years of Science University.

Each question of each exercise is proposed with an answer. The candidate must only tell if he agrees or not with this answer.

  • 6 exercises of linear algebra
  • 5 exercises of analysis of functions of one variable
  • 4 exercises of analysis of functions of several variables


Part A (duration: 1 hour 30 minutes)

  • Questions of logic and common sense, through small stories, are proposed. In some stories, the candidate must establish ordinary equations and solve them to obtain numerical results.
  • No revision is necessary.

Part B (duration: 1 hour 30 minutes)

2 classical exercises are proposed.

  • The first one is on the resolution of a differential equation by power series and change of variables.
  • The second is on integration (single and double).

ENGLISH  (oral exam)

15 minutes of interview in English:

  • First half is general questions about the candidate’s personality (identity, studies, culture, hobbies…).
  • Second half is about the work of actuary and the domain of finance in Vietnam.

Estimation of the English language skills (or French).