Summer school – First Annoucement




Vietnamese – French Cooperation Program (ARCUS) and National Economics University (NEU) are very pleased to annouce the first Summer School on Risk Management in Finance and Insurance (SSRMFI2013), to be held at the National Economics University from July 29th to August 2nd 2013.

In recent decades, mathematical methods have been applied extensively in economics, especially in risk management in finance and insurance. However, this field is still relatively new to Vietnam. To cope with the developement of world economy and make Vietnam better intergrating into the International Financial system, it is essential to enhance the knowledge of local experts in the field of finance in general in risk management in finance and insurance in particular.

With the collaboration ofVietnamese – French Cooperation Program (ARCUS- Actions en Regions de Coopération Universitaires et Scientifiques), several short courses on the methodology in Mathematical Economics and Finance were successfully conducted. Building up on their success, National Economics University, in collaboration with ARCUS, will be organizing the International Summer School on “Risk management in finance and insurance”.

The summer school is designed to introduce the audience to the fundamental background and recent advancement in the areas of risk management in fincance and insurance. Participants are expected to accquire states-of-the-art techniques and apply them to real world issues.


1. Vietnamese – French Cooperation Program (ARCUS).

2. National Economics University (NEU)

(Other sponsors will be updated later)


Board of lecturers:

1. Stéphane Villeneuve, Université de Toulouse 1

2. Marie Kratz,  ESSEC Business School

3. Yahia Salhi, ISFA, ISFA (University Lyon 1),

4. Areski Cousin, ISFA, University Lyon 1

5. Nguyen Tien Dung, Institut de Mathématiques de Toulouse

6. Huynh Huu Tue, Vietnam National University, Ho Chi Minh City




–   Staff working in the fields of banking, finance and insurance.

–   Researchers from Institutes or research centre as well as staff, lecturers from Universities who are interested in risk management in finance and insurance.

–  Senior students (final year students), post – graduate and doctorate candidates majoring in mathematics, banking, finance and actuarial science.

–  Other


Time and venue: This summer school colloquium will take place from Monday July 29th 2013  to August 2nd 2013 at National Economics University, Hanoi.


Registration: Please submit completed applications to Organizer board or register online here before July 14th 2013.


Attendance Fee: 3,000,000 VND/ person

Bachelor, master and PhD students and young scholars may apply for partial tuition fee waiver.


Language during the course:  English

Summary of lectures:

1. Stephane Villeneuve, GREMAQ – Université de Toulouse 1 (


  1. Villeneuve had his PhD inapplied mathematics from University of Marne la Vallee. He has published articles in top-tier journals such as Econometrica, Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control, Economic Theory andJournal of Applied Probability. He is a professor of mathematics at the Toulouse school of economics and is also head of the master program “market and financial intermediaries”. His topics of interest includeoptimal stopping singular control problems with application in finance.

Topic:Introduction to mathematical models in Corporate finance


Abstract: Corporate finance studies the financial decisions at a firm level. It develops the tools and analysis used to make these decisions. The primary goal of corporate finance is to maximize shareholder value of the firm. Simple questions such as when/how corporations should reduce their cash holdings is still far from being perfectly understood. Similarly, the questions of which risks the corporation should hedge and by how much, or to what extent holding cash inventory is a substitute for financial hedging through futures, swaps and derivatives have not been answered yet. The objective of this lecture is to present a selective overview of mathematical models that helps to understand the managerial decisions in terms of investment, hedging and liquidity management.

2. Marie KRATZ, Professor at ESSEC Business School, Permanent Member at MAP5 (Mathématiques Appliquées – Paris 5) ( completedher doctorate in Applied Mathematics from UPMC (Paris 6). She is currently the director of CREAR – Center of Research in Econo-finance and Actuarial Science on Risk – (see  Her topics of interest includeApplied Probability such as Gaussian processes and random fields, extreme values, risk analysis, point processes, dynamical systems, time series. 


Topic: An Introduction to Quantitative Risk Management

Abstract:In this course we will discuss risk management (RM) in the context of finance and insurance. We will present an overview of the mains concepts including loss distributions, risk measures, interdependence and concentration of (extreme) risks, using techniques deriving from probabilistic modeling and statistical analysis, copulas and extreme value theory.

3. Yahia SALHI, He is Assistant Professor at ISFA (University Lyon 1), and research associate at BNP Paribas chair on “modelling management”. His topics of interest includelongevity risk, optimal surveillance and quickest detection problems in insurance.Topic: Interplay between Finance and Insurance: The Longevity Risk Example


Abstract: Most countries are experiencing a reduction in mortality over time, which is a new phenomenon, without any historical reference. In this context, societies are facing new challenges, in particular concerning generation equilibrium, the role of ageing populations and the viability of shared collective systems, in particular pension systems. This course is motivated by the study and modeling of longevity, and will focus in particular on the actuarial and financial features of such an issue. Rising longevity, as a typical example of implications and links between finance and insurance, will be discussed in this lecture from various points of view.

4. Nguyen Tien Dung, Director of Equipe Mathématiques Fondamental Institut de Mathématiques de Toulouse ( completedhis doctorate at SISSA (Trieste). His current topic of interests include Symplectic and Poisson geometry, Lie groupoids and algebroids Dynamical systems and singular foliations, Mathematical methods in finance and economy, Complexity.Topic: Will be announced latter
5. Huynh Huu Tue, International University, Vietnam National University Ho Chi Minh City.Prof. Huu Tue Huynh received the Sc.D. degree in 1972 from Laval University (Canada) where he had been a Faculty member of the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering since 1969.After 1975, he often visited Vietnam as an invited professor in order to give advanced courses in Information Processing and to do joint research with some colleagues from Vietnam. At the invitation of Prof. Nguyen Van Hieu in 2005, he left Laval University to create the Department of “Information Processing” at the College of Technology, VNU, Hanoi. During the period 2007-2011, he was invited to set up Bac-Ha International University, Hanoi, as her first President. Professor Huynh is now working as a research professor at the School of Electrical Engineering of VNU- HCM’s International University, where his main responsibility is to create a new research group in “Intelligent Signal Processing”. He is the Technical Editor-in-Chief of “REV-Journal on Electronics and Communications”.


Topic:  From credit crunch of overpriced American real estate (subprime), to global financial crisis: role of mathematical models in investment.

Abstract: Will be announced latter

6. Areski Cousin,Assistant Professor at ISFA Actuarial School, University of Lyon (


  1. Cousin has Ph.D. in Finance from ISFA Actuarial School, University of Lyon, France. His topic of interests include Portfolio credit risk modeling, Hedging issues for structured credit products, Risk measures in multivariate settings, Model risk embbeded in term-structure models, Yield-curve reconstruction methods. He is also the member of ANR project AST&Risk and Chaire BNP Paribas Cardif.

Topic: Will be announced latter

Beside the lectures, Summer School will arrange a meeting with a financial expert in Vietnam to discuss and exchange ideas about the need, training and research development plan in the fields of financial risk management and insurance in Vietnam.

Proposed schedule: Will be announced later.

Knowledge  requirement: Audiences need to have background knowledge of mathematics(advanced mathematics, statistical probability), economics and finance. National Economics University can arrange a course for supplementing learners with basic knowledge of those fields if they are in need (only in case there are 30 learners or more registering).

Notes: If you have further questions, please contact the following email addresses: (Mr. Nguyen), (Mrs. Nga), (Mrs. Thuy).


Or call to: 84 – 4- 3628 3007 (Mrs. Lan).