The Actuarial Science curriculum at Faculty of Mathematical Economics has been acknowledged by Society of Actuary (SOA) – USA.

Starting on January 2020, the Faculty of Mathematics Economics (MFE) of National Economics University has been acknowledged as a University & College with Actuarial Program (UCAP). The Actuarial Science curriculum at MFE has recently been acknowledged by SOA at the Introductory Curriculum (IC) level. This is an encouraging result for the lecturers community of MFE in general and those who are responsible for the Actuarial Science program individually. With this outcome, the educational quality of Actuarial Science profession at MFE can initially keep up with top universities in the region (Nanyang Technological University – Singapore, University of Malaya – Malaysia, etc…) and worldwide (University of Melbourne – Australia, University of Toronto – Canada, University of Sorbonne – France, etc…)

The Actuarial Science training program in MFE started enrolling students in September 2018 for the first time. In charge of the expertise side of the program, Dr. Nguyen Quang Huy claimed that “Achieving UCAP at the IC level was just a starting point. The goal of the program is to achieve UCAP at the Advanced Curriculum (AC) level in the upcoming two years and reaching the highest level of an Actuary educational establishment – Center of Actuarial Excellence (CAE), on par with the best Actuarial curricula in the world in three years’ time.”

With the necessity for a deeply international economic integration in current days, high quality human resources has become a vital aspect. In Insurance – Financial corporations, lack of employment in the Actuarial Science field, especially for Non-life Insurance, is turning into a massive task to tackle for Vietnamese companies in terms of competitions, business expansion in regional and global integration. Hopefully, with the support from NEU’s leadership committee, the long-term effort of lecturers from MFE, along with co-operation from businesses, the human resources for Actuarial Science in Vietnam will witness a significantly growth with regards to both quality and quantity in the near future, motivating the continual development of the Insurance market particularly and the Financial – Insurance market as a whole.

For detailed information, see the official website of SOA:…/national-economics-university/